Mr. CEO’s Secret

I’ve realized that I still haven’t posted about this. //smacks forehead

Kinda late notice, but I’ve started a new series!


Ethan is an efficient employee by day and a hardcore BL fan at night. When he transfers to another company, his BL ideals seem to come true. Namely, Lucas – the new boss, who resembles his ideal seme! And his boss seems to be another BL fanboy? Did Ethan find a fellow fan or he found something else?

UPDATE SCHEDULE: 3 posts per week (or every Tue-Thurs-Sat)

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The School Idol’s Roommate Final Week!


It’s the final week for TSIR. Final chapter will be posted this Friday. 😌

The series is still available at the usual sites:

(The last two sites need some updating though…)

If you’re on Tapas, Inksgiving is near! This weekend, you will be able to ask me or the characters questions. Any amount of ink will do. Please note that this is only available for Tapas readers. The Q&A won’t be posted on other sites.

P.S. I heard there would be extras that will be posted soon. 🤐 🤫 🤭

[The School Idol’s Roommate] New Posting Schedule

Heya all! TSIR is updated every day, at 12MN (GMT 8+). If you’re on Tapas, it’s a little different because I can’t seem to find the time settings. It will still be at 12MN but PST.

Series Summary:

After getting his heart broken, Aki closed the doors to his heart. But his life was thrown upside down when he started living with the most popular guy on their campus.

Where to read: