Hi guys! Few more hours before the new year, let me first thank you all for the past year. 2019 is a trying year for me.

This is a copy-paste from my other blog lol:


We’ll start with this one.

2019 is probably the most challenging year in my entire 20s, almost a full decade since that tumultuous 2011. My dad got really sick this year, and for the first half of 2019, it’s just us going to the doctors and doing laboratories day in and day out. I’m living with my dad, and since my mom and sister are both living abroad, I’m the sole caregiver. I have donned different hats such as being the pharmacist, nurse, accountant, cook, counselor, cleaner, secretary, all in one. Being the youngest, I’m used to being a follower in the family and just doing things at my own pace. But this year, I’m forced to be the impromptu head and breadwinner. To be honest, it is quite scary and exhausting. But life has to move on.

There are some improvements with my dad’s health mid-year, so I’m able to do this lifelong project of mine. If you haven’t, please do check out my web novels, The School Idol’s Roommate and Try and Catch Me. I have finished TSIR, thankfully. Meanwhile, TCM is still on-going, plus there is another one on the way. But…

Life decides to throw a curveball in my direction, just for the heck of it.

The drugs my dad is taking showed signs of toxicity, affecting his eyesight. Because of that, I decided to accompany him every time he goes out and even when he is going to our family store. Luckily (or not), I don’t have a full-time job this year so I can attend to him any time. 

But that also means I don’t have time for myself. If I’m not at the store, I’m busy doing the household chores or maybe picking up stocks for the store. I can’t write and I also can’t read/play anything at all. It is tough juggling, but it’s not like I have a choice. More like, the other choice is abandoning my dad, which isn’t something I’d like to do (or to any of my family members for that matter).

While I’m happy that at least I was able to finish TSIR first, I’m saddened that TCM has to take a back seat what’s with the constant hiatus. I still want to see more of Lia’s adventures. So! TCM will resume on January 7, and it will be updated every Tue-Thurs-Sat.

I hope in the new year, you’ll still read The School Idol’s Roommate and Try and Catch Me. Please only read on sites like Tapas, Tapread, Webnovel, Wattpad, and Rogue Animal Publishing site. Don’t support aggregator sites!

As for the new series, here’s a hint: CEO. 😉

Happy New Year everyone! May we all have a happy and healthy 2020! 🎉 🎉 🎉

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