PAIRING: Nanase Haruka / Tachibana Makoto


WORDS: 4,518

STATUS: Completed

NOTES: Part 3 of Bittersweet Series.

Collection of one shots where Haru steals a kiss from Makoto and vice versa.

Chapter summaries:
Ch 1 Gaming: Haru uses his ‘secret’ weapon to distract Makoto from his monster slaying spree.
Ch 2 Sleeping: “You are cool, Makoto,” he murmured, before planting a soft kiss on the brunet’s lips. He would never say that out loud when the other was awake but he had the urge to get it out of his system somehow.
Ch 3 Swimming: “You really are the best in water Haru.” Makoto smiled, his smile as warm as the sun.
Ch 4 Waking Up: Haru seduces Makoto right after they wake up.
Ch 5 Cooking: Today is Makoto’s most awaited date with Haru… or so he thought. To make up for it, Haru offers a consolation instead.

Now that Makoto and Haru have reconciled, time for lots of kissing!

Continue reading @ AO3

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